Rustic Wedding Sites at Timberlake

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The entrance sign at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary offers couples special places to experience your wedding surrounded by the sacred qualities of the land. We encourage everyone who visits Timberlake Earth Sanctuary to travel at nature’s pace and discover the site which offers just the right personal connection for you.
“My husband and I couldn’t have found a more perfect place to celebrate our wedding surrounded by the enchanting woods and our community.” —Taylor G.
The Orchard Wedding Venue at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Orchard

The tree-shaded Orchard at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary provides a grand and expansive outdoor setting for your wedding.

The Wedding Tent and Court at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Wedding Tent and Court

The perfect place for wedding receptions, dinners, and dances—not to mention protection from the elements. A fire circle offers a special spot for wedding guests to gather in all seasons.

The Woodlands Venue at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Woodlands

This quiet clearing in the pines provides an intimate natural world setting that embraces your sacred moment. Rustic benches and arbor add to the special appeal of this site.

“I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect wedding day. Everything was unbelievably gorgeous and magical. The whole wedding weekend went smoothly. We have Timberlake to thank for that.” —Private WeddingWire Reviewer
The Pond Venue at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Pond

This peaceful spot overlooking Timberlake’s Upper Pond provides the perfect venue for couples wishing to add the element of water to their wedding ceremony.

The Chapel Venue at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Chapel

A tranquil view of Lake Mackintosh makes this quiet and serene overlook a special place for reflection, meditation, prayer, and “first look” moments. Sitting here with your life partner offers a sacred moment to experience “the wonder, beauty, and intimacy of the natural world.”

Gaia's Garden at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

Gaia’s Garden

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary brings a profusion of flowers in the spring, lush foliage in the summer, and gratitude for life and love all year round. A special place for a small wedding, or for wedding guests to enjoy after the ceremony and before the reception.

“The staff were gracious and very accommodating. The tree house was quaint, yet rustic. A perfect setting for an outdoor wedding.” —Debbie W.
The TreeHouse at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The TreeHouse

Intimately nestled in the natural world, the TreeHouse is a charming three-story facility with a central “Round Room,” kitchen, and bedroom. The space may be used by wedding parties for rehearsal dinners, dressing areas, and overnight accommodations.

The Honeymoon Suite at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary

The Wedding Suite

End your wedding evening with your beloved here at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary in the second story bedroom of the TreeHouse where you can sit out on the deck and be surrounded and embraced by the wonder, beauty, and intimacy of the natural world.

“What I loved most was that we had the venue from Friday noon to Sunday noon so I never felt under any time constraints. Because the property is so huge, it was our rehearsal dinner location, our wedding ceremony location, our reception location, and our bridal suite for the weekend.” —Elisabeth P.

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