“We lose our souls if we lose the experience of the forest, the butterflies, the song of the birds, if we can’t see the stars at night.”

Thomas Berry

Bonfire nights bring us together in an intimate and casual setting once or twice a month with the intention to connect in meaningful ways through conversation, laughter and silence. It’s all about getting back to the basics and enjoying the simple things that life has to offer. We invite you to unplug and relax deeply into your body; attune to the present moment and allow yourself the pleasure of being here now. Get lost in the hypnotic sounds of crackling fire, spring peepers, crickets, bull frogs, nighttime owls and the sweet sound of silence. Connect to yourself and to the healing biorhythms of Earth. You will leave feeling recharged and ready to meet what lies ahead.


WHEN: Saturday nights | April through June

TIME: 7 – 9:00pm

WHERE:  Event Court (near the big white tent)

This time of sacred pause is calling for deep contemplation and new ways of being in relationship with the world.

 We would like to offer you time and space at Timberlake to connect within, with others, and with earth, while still honoring the important requirement for social distancing at this time. We are in the midst of a collective initiation moment; we are being asked to reorient our lives in order to make space for new forms, rhythms, and ways of being that promote balance, embodied consciousness, emotional centeredness and relational awareness. How we respond and relate to uncertainty is critical right now, which is why Community Care feels so important to us.

From April – June we will dedicate each Saturday to caring for self, each other and the land. We hold the vision of a deeply therapeutic and soul nourishing day which will include the following activities: yoga, volunteer time, solitude in nature, hiking, bird watching, gardening, resting, journaling, sharing in a meal together and ending with a bonfire. We invite the opportunity for  each of us to deepen presence as we slow down, listen and attune to nature’s rhythm’s and adapt to her subtle movements over the course of a day. 

If you are interested in participating, please register below. Due to the need for social distancing at this time we can only accommodate a max of 10 people at a time.


WHEN: Saturdays from April through June

TIME: 11-9pm

11am Morning Yoga
1-4pm Tending to the land/volunteer time
5-6pm Solitude & time with nature (trails walks, bird watching, reading, journaling, chilling)
6-7pm Shared meal (bring your own dish)
7-9pm Evening bonfire

Donations are welcome & much appreciated during this time.

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Solidarity Sisters is a 10-week conscious women’s group that takes place each Spring and Fall and is dedicated to exploring spiritual activism, feminine wisdom and transformational leadership. This is for women-identifying folks to gather in the spirit of sisterhood as we connect deeply to ourselves, to each other and to Earth.

We come together as we are, in a safe and honoring space to be held in sisterhood, to be seen and celebrated as unique and powerful individuals together on a journey toward deeper self-knowing, self-loving, mutual expansion and collective liberation. We call forth our gifts, our truth, and the aspects of self in hiding. We lift each other up and hold each other in loving awareness and recognize each other as divine reflections here to support one another to develop a deeper sense of wholeness, power and integration as conscious women. We seek to unveil our most intimate, human selves without shame or fear. We step into our courage and fierceness and cast spells of love upon one another.

Through this weekly emergent group process, we will actively participate in creating the kind of culture we long to see in the world through authentic, intimate, and healing experiences that transform personal and collective consciousness. We will build women’s power by sharing our stories, listening to and supporting one another, discovering our inner fire, speaking truth, and showing up for one another in ways that feels meaningful. We are being called to RISE as a collective. We are being called to come together and co-create new ways of being in the world that recognizes our ancient belonging to each other and to Earth. We must become who we are here to become and we need the support of one another to do it. 


Through nature connection, group process, ritual & ceremony
and organic free flow, we explore the following (this is a broad list of topics and does not mean that each session will cover these specific topics):

– Sexual power & liberation-

-Body love & inner temple cultivation-

-Women’s wisdom & earth cycles-

-Intuitive awareness-

-Inner child work-

-Spiritual partnership-

-Power dynamics in relationship-

-Ancestral healing-

-Deep nature connection-


-Anti-racism & anti-oppression-

-Mindful & intentional living-



Please stay tuned for details coming soon.

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The art of transformation made possible among people in a space of trust, safety and compassion.

Interalchemy Circle is a 6-week therapeutic group process designed for people who are interested in expanding self awareness and deepening their personal growth journeys. It is for the one who longs to live a whole-hearted life and is ready to try something different; something new that requires courage in order to expand their comfort zone. It is for the one who longs to understand themselves more intimately and is willing to face their fears to discover hidden aspects of their true self. It is for the one who doesn’t want to settle for a life of mediocrity and is willing to get uncomfortable to discover more than what meets the eye. It is for the one who is ready to look seriously and with curiosity at the current thought-forms, emotional patterning, behaviors and ways of relating to the world that define their current experience. It is for the person who is willing to invest in their own transformation knowing it will require their whole self. 

We will gather in a virtual circle each week to explore the layers of conditioning, traumas, and unconscious patterns that each of us carry and how it shows up in our bodies. We will explore your current relationship to the outer world and how moments of challenge/trigger inform your current relationship to your inner world. We seek to contemplate and make meaning out of each experience as a doorway into greater self-awareness. We aim to cultivate interoceptive awareness in which you will begin to attune to your bodily sensations, feelings, ways of receiving, accessing and engaging with your environment. During each session, we will guide individuals through a facilitated process of discovery, awareness, reflection, re-association and integration. We will share exercises, activities and ‘home plays’ that strengthen your awareness and will provide you with resources for inner tracking, regulation and embodiment. 

Over the course of this program, you will also have an opportunity to meet one-on-one to ask questions, receive further guidance and deepen your integration practice. It is important for us to offer this individual guidance within the group context so as to deepen your commitment to your growth journey. Only you can transform you. Only you can do the work of becoming who you want to be. We create a supportive space for you to experiment and explore new edges of self discovery.

The goal of this space is to create the right conditions for transformation to take place among people who want to make life changes toward healing and wholeness. Those conditions include safety, trust, spaciousness, acceptance, compassion, understanding, sensitivity, patience, receptivity, and gratitude. The power and success of the group is based on each person’s willingness to show up as their authentic selves with a willingness to take risks, be seen and heard, and who are committed to strengthening the conditions stated above. We honor each other in our vulnerability and are inspired to be more of who we inherently are as we uncover the layers of conditioning holding us back. Doing this work in a group setting is POWERFUL and not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to show up in a space like this with a willingness to compassionately witness others and to be seen in your humanness.


Please stay tuned for details coming soon.

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“All life came out of the ocean; each one of us comes out of the waters of the womb; the ebb and flow of the tides is alive in the ebb and flow of our breathing. When you are in rhythm with your nature nothing destructive can touch you.” – John O’Donohue

The body is our only home. Our bones, breath and blood are the minerals, air and water around us. The person is an earthen form, living in the medium of air. We have come out of the depths of earth and from this emergence are suddenly placed within an anthropocentric environment in which we are primed and homogenized to be civilized consumer citizens. The separation from our roots increases, and slowly but surely we distance ourselves from the primal source of our nurturance and begin to forget where we came from. Before we know it, we have lost touch with the wisdom of our bodies, the natural rhythms of our inherent essence, and the connection to what makes us come alive. 

Today in the mainstream West, we fundamentally live in a disembodied set of cultural practices and in such a way that favors mind over matter. Our bodies are increasingly separated from the natural world and it is easy to lose our ground and our somatic connection to the planet. We increasingly spend more time in front of screens, in sedentary workplaces, urban landscapes and suburban sprawls. Our bodies are submerged within a cultural machine that has us spinning in overdrive to the point of exhaustion. Human culture is no longer in harmony with the earth. Our natural rhythm, intuitive movement and seasonal way of being has been stripped away and replaced with a manufactured, unsustainable pace of living. 

More often than not, we find ourselves longing for a simple, more beautiful and wild way of being in the world; one that fosters connection and inspires wonder. Yet we do not know what steps to take in order to return to this otherworld and other way. Life demands so much from us. Obligations, expectations and the stress of everyday living has us moving at a pace we can’t even keep up with. We know that trying to maintain the status quo isn’t working any more. Times are changing and we can feel the urge from within to find a new way forward. Life is asking us to return to ourselves and to remember where we’ve come from. We are earth. 

Somatics comes from the Greek root “soma”, which means “the living organism in its wholeness.”  It is the best word we have in English to understand human beings as an integrated mind/body/spirit, and as social, relational beings. Soma then can be used to describe the body as an intelligent, co-creative receptor that bridges our inner and outer environments. Eco-Somatics acknowledges that our bodies are created from the living elements and intelligent forces of the cosmos. It recognizes that our bodies are inherently interconnected to the greater body of earth. The stories, memories, energetic imprints, traumas, revelations, evolutionary shifts in consciousness and historical records of earth live in our bones and blood. We are elements of nature: our soma and psyche (the mind of the soul) are reflections of the planet, each intricately embedded in the other. We belong to earth. 

How do we redirect the modern mind to engage with the natural world and reorient our bodies to the rhythms of earth? We must return to the wild. Nature is the master teacher and healer when we are open and available to be in active dialogue with what is offered. Cultivating intimacy with our inner and outer nature restores balance between body and mind, and between doing and being. It is essential for the health and well-being of our bodies to cultivate our ability to be curious, listen, receive, engage, move, breath and harmonize to nature. We are here to recognize and reconnect to our bodies and reawaken the earth within us. 

Embodied Nature is designed for the person longing to reconnect to their sense of aliveness – to their inner home within the body temple and their greater home on earth. It is for the one who feels the pain of disconnection, who feels out of sync with their natural rhythms, and who desires wild spaces and open time to experience the confluence of somatics, expressive arts (dance, song, art and/or writing), and the healing power of the natural world. Participants will gather each morning as a group to be guided in somatic practices of breath, vocalization, contact, intrinsic movement and stillness to generate a repertoire of inner attunement resources. Throughout our time together, we will deepen contact with our body’s experience, track our senses and tune in to our instinctive nature, contemplate and engage in meaningful moments with earth, connect to our natural rhythms, and harvest our experiences for reintegration.


Please stay tuned for details coming soon.

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“Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship boosts your immune system, opens your heart, and keeps you vital and creative.” – Terry Real

Imagine coming together with other couples who are eager to explore the evolving nature of relationships and the opportunities that lie hidden within their inevitable challenges. This program is all about understanding the true nature of relationship as a catalyst for change and transformation. This is a uniquely designed 6-week program for couples who want to take their relationship to the next level by entering into a shared process of self and discovery that encourages the possibility of deepening awareness, integrating new relational skills, and healing dynamics that deepen intimacy and connection. 

In a small group setting, we will facilitate six couples through a process of becoming relationally embodied, intimately attuned and consciously present to each others unique experience. We believe that our capacity for healing and transformation as couples becomes amplified when we come together with others to share what we are learning in the context of our partnerships. We believe that every couple is unique and has a lot to share about what is working for them and what isn’t. We also believe that every relationship must pass through the same stages of initiation regardless of how different the details may be. 

We recognize that the current culture has not adequately equipped us with the tools to be relationally coherent and many of the models we had growing up revealed dynamics that were often crippling to those involved. We experience a sense of liberation from shame when we hear stories from other couples that are similar to our own and realize that we are not alone in our attempts to do the hard work of creating healthy relationship dynamics. It is no longer serving us to hide the messy parts of being human behind closed doors. It is time that we embrace our humanity, especially as couples, and consider the possibility that what makes us human is what truly makes us beautiful, and that together, we can become more of who we are here to be with the loving support of others sharing the same journey. 

We approach our understanding of relationship using the metaphor of a third entity or biosphere. When two people come together to form a partnership, they are forming a third entity: the relationship itself. This third entity represents what you and your partner bring to the relationship. It is the series of experiences, events and behaviors that happen when two people come together around a common purpose and it has a presence, form, energy and influence of its own. Like a biosphere, the quality of your presence and how you choose to show up in the relationship can either pollute or purify the space between you. As partners, we are each responsible for the health and well-being of our sacred third. Over the course of six weeks, we will explore your relational biosphere by bringing awareness to the nature of your interactions, styles of communication, patterns of behavior, daily habits, thoughts and feelings. 

Using techniques drawn from Relational Life Therapy (RLT) and MindBody Therapy (MBT) we will facilitate a space in which you will:

– Strengthen the foundations of your partnership –

– Illuminate areas that need tending and repair –

– Foster presence, self awareness and intentionality –

– Build meaningful relationships with other couples –

– Gain life-long relational skills that can be applied to all your relationships

– Receive practical tools to help you create a relationship dynamic that keeps you vital –


Please stay tuned for details coming soon.

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“The circles of women around us weave invisible nets of love that carry us when we’re weak, and sing with us when we are strong.”

Based on the work of Thomas Berry whose inspiration is central at Timberlake, the EP group has been meeting each month for several years now to continue to explore ways in which our personal evolution, or inner spiritual growth, can further develop and impact the collective evolution within the transitional times in which we live. Each month a theme, (Listening, Interiority, Community, Presence, Intuition, for example) is undertaken to which each one in the circle contributes a perspective from her own personal experience or interest, whatever that may be :a  poem, prayer, journal , artwork, music, reading, etc… Each member of the group is encouraged to bring support and extend compassion to the growth of self, one another and to cultivate a deep awareness of the earth and the natural world as primary . Each month’s gathering of the EP group includes solo walks on the trails of Timberlake.


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We invite you to a special event honoring the significance of your upcoming wedding as a sacred life moment 

Conscious Commitment is a unique opportunity for you and your partner to draw upon the significance of your upcoming wedding as a life altering moment, initiating you into a new life chapter together in marriage. This custom retreat is designed to bring you and your partner into an intentional space where time is set aside for the two of you reflect upon the love story that brought you to this moment and the future dreams you carry in your shared heart as a couple. Timberlake is the place where you have chosen to make this transition and to transform your partnership into marriage. We want this celebration to be as meaningful as possible and hope that you will join us for this special experience designed with you in mind!

During our time together, you will discover new ways of thinking about and relating to your relationship. We will guide you through practices that strengthen your communication skills, hone your capacity to hold space for one another, and deepen trust and intimacy between you. We will provide reflective time for you to explore and connect to deeper layers of your love story, the values that you hold as individuals and how they are complementary to your relationship, and the commitments you carry for your marriage that will inform the growth and vitality of your love. Lastly, you will have exclusive time to ask wedding related questions, bounce ideas around with other couples, and clarify details regarding your wedding day. 

All of this will happen on the land that you have chosen to share your wedding vows and the place where you will look each other in the eyes and say “I do”. 

“Love is the only light that can truly read the secret signature of the other person’s individuality and soul.”

– John O’Donohue


Please stay tuned for details coming soon.

Custom Experiences

Eco-Spiritual Programs

Are you a part of a team, group, religious or spiritual community looking to have a guided experience that connects you to the natural world? Timberlake founder Carolyn Toben, spiritual teacher, educator, and cultural innovator, creates programs, re­treats and events for individuals and groups seeking spiritual renewal and reconnection with the natural world. She facilitates deep and intimate discussions on the human-earth relationship, and leads people through eco-spiritual experiences, evoking a sense of the Sacred through communion with Earth.  

Sacred Ceremonies

Sacred Ceremonies are Life Season Ceremonies that mark important transitional periods in a person’s life, such as birth, puberty, marriage, having children, and death. They involve ritual activities and teachings designed to help us transition gracefully into new chapters and seasons of our lives. Is there a moment approaching in your life or the life of a loved one that you would like to honor and recognize? We work with you to carefully craft a deeply personal, meaningful and symbolic experience that acknowledges transformation. 

Example: A Mother Blessing Ceremony

This is an alternative to the traditional baby shower, which prepares a woman for transition into motherhood. It is a time for the mother-to-be to gather with the women closest to her, toward the end of her pregnancy, and cultivate positive energy for her upcoming birth experience.