TIMBERLAKE EARTH SANCTUARY Healing the Human-Earth-Divine Relationship

“Relationships are the primary context of existence.” 

Thomas Berry

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary is a land stewardship project and an outdoor wedding venue in the piedmont region of North Carolina providing space for deepening connection to the natural world.

What we offer…

Rustic, elegant, warm and friendly, this is a beautiful place to celebrate your Sacred Union. This is a place of “home grown” weddings, where your dreams do come true. You’ll love that we make your day our highest priority and provide you and your family with two full days here. Walk the trails and experience the profound beauty and tranquility of nature. Here the Earth embraces your love.

Do you own a business or organization? Are you an instructor or photographer? Whether you need a natural setting to host a work party, workshop or program; or whether you’re searching for a beautiful location to photograph magical and milestone moments, this is the place for you!

For  20 years extraordinary people have been gathering at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary to partake in offerings such as Thomas Berry teachings, nature connection, indigenous wisdom traditions, body awareness practices, contemplative arts, mindful living and other paths of personal transformation.

We love volunteers!  Join us in our effort of land stewardship by helping us with grounds & trail maintenance, or spending some time weeding in the garden. Volunteering as an individual or with your club or organization is a wonderful way to give back to the Earth and helps sustain Timberlake as the peaceful refuge that it is.  Please contact us if you would like to donate some time or if you have other areas of expertise that you would be willing to share.