Cultivating a Sense of the Sacred

The focus of our work here at Timberlake is one of reconnection with and healing the Human-Earth-Divine relationship. Over 20 years ago Carolyn, with the help of others, started a nonprofit organization: the Center for Education, Imagination, and the Natural World (CEINW) with the mission to deepen the connection to Earth for children, families, and educators. The programming was based on the work and ideas of Thomas Berry, a friend of Timberlake.

For ten years, Carolyn spent many hours in deep discussions with Thomas Berry about his transformational thinking for healing the human-earth relationship through recovery of a sense of the sacred. Carolyn’s book Recovering a Sense of the Sacred, is based on her personal notes, practices, and reflections from these conversations.

 Timberlake has evolved and changed,  CEINW is no longer based out of Timberlake, however our mission to help people remember their deep, integral connection to Earth, and to heal the relationship with her continues. We offer beautiful and inviting spaces, inside and outside, for groups to gather for programming aligned with our mission. Timberlake remains a place for contemplation, exploration, learning, and deepening one’s connection to the natural world.

Take a Nature Break

Whether at Timberlake strolling along on the trails, in a local park, in  your backyard, or even while looking at the sky or trees in an urban area, you can take some time to connect to Earth. Begin by quieting your thoughts and centering on your breath, letting the sounds and sights around you come to the forefront of your awareness….. and then you can choose a seed thought or mantra that focuses you on your connection with Earth and all of the other living beings around you. More about this practice can be found in “Cultivating a Sense of the Sacred,” by Carolyn Toben.

In this Moment…I am aware that I am connected to all that is around me…”   

-Carolyn Toben


Volunteer at Timberlake

It takes many hands to steward and care for the beautiful land and grounds at Timberlake–we welcome volunteers! We hold monthly volunteer workdays, usually on the second Saturday of the month, gathering for general land cleanup, garden work, trail clearing, and other projects. Get together with other nature lovers, enjoy time outside, and plug into Natural Time.  All are welcome.

To learn more about volunteering, or sharing your skills, time, or energy with Timberlake, please fill out this form here.