“The untouched beauty of nature surrounds you as soon as you pull into Timberlake and it’s as if you’re transported into a magical woodland. The towering trees, blooming flowers, chirping birds, and beautiful lake makes for a serene experience that you simply have to see in person.”

Taylor Bell, 2017
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TreeHouse Day Use

Host a workshop, meeting or retreat and use our facilities to create an uplifting space that helps to strengthen group cohesion and inspire new direction. This is the perfect setting for educators, nonprofits, small businesses, and church groups to come together in new ways that revitalize team spirit and group harmony, and to discuss and share ideas that propel you forward as a group or organization. Host your sessions indoors or outdoors. Eat lunch on the back deck surrounded by forest, or enjoy a picnic by the pond. Walk the trails and experience the profound beauty and clarity that nature offers.

Rates: $75/hr for a minimum of 4 hours
Please note that the Treehouse can comfortably accommodate a maximum capacity of 16 people. *Currently we are permitting a maximum of 10 inside the Treehouse, due to Covid-19 precautions*
Mabyn Ludke Photography
Mabyn Ludke Photography

Outdoor Team Meet

Organizational teams are being put to the test as small businesses and groups alike do their best to navigate uncertain times. We are being faced with a range of challenges as well as being invited into a process of slowing down and reimagining what’s possible. Business ventures and organizational structures will never be the same. We would like to provide an outdoor space for your small core team to come together while maintaining a healthy distance in the open air.  Envision a new pathway forward that can serve the needs of your community at this time.

Rates: $50/hr for groups of 8 or less
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Special Events

Timberlake has been the select host of incredible events from musical gatherings to anniversary celebrations . Not only is the space surrounded by nature’s beauty, there is a peaceful and powerful presence here that stirs the soul and enlivens the heart.

Amanda Sutton Photography
Amanda Sutton Photography

Photography Sessions

A place to capture memories and milestone moments: family, engagement, graduation, and more! Timberlake offers breathtaking scenery and majestic landscapes over the course of changing seasons. It is a place of wild beauty graced with sunlit meadows, shimmering ponds, and woodlands of tulip poplar, dogwood, oak, and pine. Capture intimate life moments in an intimate setting, where light dances with shadow, leaves rustle in the wind, and sounds of nature bring you home to the present moment.

Rates: $60/hr for groups of 5 or less | $70/hr for 6-10 people  $85/hr for 11+ people