Tend to your heart. Silence your mind. Care for your body. Renew your spirit.

Home to 165 acres of woodlands, ponds and pastures, and 4.5 miles of trails, Timberlake is a place where Earth meets Spirit. The land here offers a peaceful setting to relieve us from the increasing expectations and pressures in our lives, and to empower self-care to nourish and replenish our body, mind and soul.  The Treehouse is a home away from home snuggled in the pines, with a meditation room, a spacious wrap around deck and an outdoor firepit. This is a place to slow down, care for your needs, and reconnect to your body’s natural rhythms.  Here we offer a space to rest, restore, and take time for quiet reflection.

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TreeHouse Retreat

Rest & Rewild

When was the last time you were away from life’s distractions and were able to be by yourself? We live in a world that is constantly changing, a lot of things going on: to-do lists, work, children’s school and activities, birthday parties, people to answer to… the list goes on. Sometimes we just need to be alone and tune into our inner wisdom. Timberlake Earth Sanctuary is perfect for personal introspection and contemplation. Hike along 4.5 miles of wilderness trails, visit Lake MacIntosh, meditate at the chapel or at any number of “sit spots”, spend time relaxing, journaling, reading or practicing yoga. Our Sanctuary retreat offers vastness, stillness and gentle support that will allow you to unwind, relax, and reconnect to life’s inherent rhythms. The Treehouse is currently not available for overnight rentals, through mid January 2022. Please check back!

Weekday: $100/night & $30 cleaning fee |Weekend: $125/night + $30 cleaning fee   *subject to sales tax

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Primitive Camping

Sleep with Earth

Spend one night or many tucked in the woods on Herons Point which is situated on our peninsula and surrounded by Lake Mackintosh. This is the most isolated of our sites.  Enjoy a peaceful getaway exploring 3.5 miles of mossy trails including Timberlake, Moss Walk, Creeping Cedar, Keyhole and Peninsula. Visit special sites like the Chapel, Gaia’s Garden, Woodlands, and more. Interested folks must come prepared with all essential needs including water, food and cooking essentials. There is an outhouse located next to the barn, which is about an 8 minute walk from the site. 

$35/tent per night


“The treehouse is absolutely wonderful! Waking up to the foggy lake as the sunrises, having coffee on the 3rd story porch in the rocking chairs… and quietly listening to the wind in the trees was a beautiful moment we will cherish forever.”