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Bringing us back to the heart of nature.

“Relationships are the primary context of existence.” 

Thomas Berry

Caretakers of Earth

Timberlake Earth Sanctuary is 165-acre nature preserve dedicated to honoring and respecting Mother Earth and all beings. Here we live simply, create beauty, and experience the wonder and magic of our world. We recognize our responsibility as co-creators with the Divine to heal, inspire, and awaken our ancient knowing that we are Earth. We are called to transform human consciousness and to create a sacred context of belonging. Timberlake is a ceremonial gathering space, center for education, and spiritual retreat. We provide a safe and supportive space for exploring paths to deepen awareness, personal wellbeing, and societal transformation. This powerful land has been a heart-hub of community and eco-spirituality for nearly two decades. It is a place where people come to be inspired, to renew their spirits, and to remember who they are as a part of One Earth community.


Space Rentals

Whether your looking for a rustic, elegant space to host your wedding, reception, or special ceremony; whether you need a natural setting to host a workshop or program; or whether you’re searching for a beautiful location to photograph magical and milestone moments, this is the place for you!


For over 18 years, extraordinary people have been gathering at Timberlake Earth Sanctuary to partake in offerings such as Thomas Berry teachings, nature connection, indigenous wisdom traditions, body awareness practices, contemplative arts, mindful living and other paths of personal transformation.


Join us for a spacious retreat that allows time to unfold and follow the spontaneous callings of your spirit. Here we offer the vastness, stillness and gentle support that allows you to unwind, unplug, relax, and reconnect to what is of true value in your life. 4.5 miles of meditation trails invite you into the heart of our 165 acres of forest.